2017-07-18 – Keeping my wife amused.

I managed to dislodge a dental crown from one of my front teeth last night – it pinged off while I was flossing between my teeth, flew across the bathroom and landed in the (thankfully recently flushed) toilet.  I hesitated for just a nanosecond before plunging my hand in to retrieve it – it would cost over £200 to have a replacement made!  My wife thought that it was highly amusing, bursting into laughter every time I opened my mouth.  So, my first task of the day was to call the dentist and make an emergency appointment to have the crown glued back on.  No emergency appointments were available, so I was put on the list of people waiting for a cancellation.  I got lucky, and received a call from the dental surgery this afternoon, offering me a cancellation on Thursday morning.   At least it’ll be keeping my wife amused for a couple of days!

I am almost overcome with fatigue this afternoon – not sure why – I haven’t done anything strenuous and I’ve been sleeping well.  I almost lost the battle to remain awake, but managed to revive myself slightly by taking the dog for a wander.  All of my other symptoms are manageable – I’m having a good day!

I intended to continue with editing my neighbours safari holiday video this afternoon, but in reality don’t manage to achieve very much.  Never mind, there’s always tomorrow.

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