2017-07-15 – Babysitting.

My wife and I are babysitting our youngest granddaughter today, so we’re up at a reasonable time (although I do manage a little bit of a lie-in), and have cups of tea/coffee and a Nutriblast before departing for Hevingham.

My wife spends several hours cooing at the baby while I sit and try to catch up on the news online.

We leave Hevingham late afternoon to go to our boat at Wayford Bridge.  We need to take 2 of the boat batteries home to give them a thorough charging – we intend to spend a few days on the boat in the next couple of weeks, and the last thing we want is to run out of power.

Whilst we are nearby, we drop in to visit my mum in Stalham.  She had a strange turn this week and ended up being admitted to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital for 3 days. They don’t really know what caused her to be unwell, so it has been put down as a Parkinson’s related incident.  She seems bright enough, and her voice is stronger than last weekend when we visited her, but she does get a little confused from time to time and she appeared to be hallucinating also.  It makes me wonder about what the future holds for me – something that I prefer not to think about too much…

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