2017-07-14 – Behind schedule again.

I’m running behind schedule again this Friday.  I did do some research for the script for my weekly vlog yesterday, but I didn’t actually write anything down.  I have this morning set aside for writing the script but no sooner have I made a start on it than my wife calls me on FaceTime to tell me that she has to take the dog to the vet this lunchtime for her annual jabs, but there’s a slight problem – she forgot to take the dog with her this morning!  So, I take the dog over to Hevingham and lose an hour of script writing time.

I return to Southrepps and get on with researching the subject of my vlog (personality changes in Parkinson’s Disease and deep brain stimulation) and write the script.  It’s such a big subject that I can’t really do it justice in a 5 minute video, but I do my best.  Filming myself is a bit of problem today – my voice is the weakest it has ever been, and I really struggle to maintain volume and clarity of speech, having many, many takes before I get something that I’m even remotely happy with.

I load the footage onto my MacBook and edit it as quickly as my tremor will permit – luckily it isn’t too bad in my right side today.

I’m working to quite a tight schedule today, because we are going to visit one of my wife’s friends in Sea Palling this evening, so I need to have it edited, uploaded and published before 7pm.  This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but what with losing an hour this morning and having so much trouble with filming, it’s going to be a close run thing.  In the event, I manage to finish just before 7pm, but posting links to it on social media will have to wait for another day.

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