2017-07-13 – I’ve had a relapse!

I thought that I would be feeling more energised by now – after all, the physical work that I performed when cleaning the boat was 4 days ago now.  I suppose I’ve had a relapse because of the work I did yesterday, sorting through my neighbours personal paperwork.  I never thought I’d see the day when I’d say I was physically exhausted from sorting through a pile of paperwork!

I do very (and I do mean “very”) little today, although I do manage to take the dog for her 2 walks, package up and post some goods that I sold through eBay (and have a lengthy conversation with the postmaster about his boat), and run the vacuum around downstairs.  Other than that, I spend the rest of my day checking email and social media messages, and also doing some research for my weekly vlog, which I’m going to be filming tomorrow.

Aside from fatigue, the only symptom that is bugging me is my voice, which sounds (to my ears) extremely weak and husky – and that is only a real nuisance when I get a couple of phone calls this afternoon. My tremor is still there in my left leg, but it seems less than it was yesterday.  Muscular weakness and stiffness are quite uncomfortable, but this would be more of a problem if I was actually trying to do something physical (which I’m not!).

My wife arrives home, prepares our evening meal, and then we settle down in front of the telly for another episode of Luther on Netflix.

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