2017-07-06 – Another day of inactivity.

I’m feeling incredibly tired (again) today, even though we went to bed at a reasonable time last night, and I slept well.  I see another day of inactivity stretching ahead of me, but it’s something I am getting used to (unfortunately).

At least the dog is here, and so that gets me out of the house twice a day.   I sit on the sofa with my iPad, checking e-mails and social media messages while I drink my morning cups of tea and my Nutriblast and listen to PopMaster.  I’m fairly shaky again this morning, but I think I’m a little better than I was yesterday.  My voice is slightly stronger, as well.  My arm muscles are still aching, but I’ll live.  I’m struggling a bit with mood and motivation, but I’m putting that down to general fatigue.

I pay a visit to the allotment when I take the dog for her afternoon walk, harvesting a courgette (that was doing a fair impression of a marrow) and a few handfuls of spinach (for tomorrow’s Nutriblast).

I prepare a ratatouille type dish with some courgettes from the allotment, and then run the vacuum around downstairs.  And that’s me done for the day!

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