2017-07-05 – Very tired

I woke to my alarm at 7am having had just under 4 hours of sleep.  I managed to snooze (on and off) until 9,30am when I got up and  got dressed.  The house seems quiet this morning without having the dog around – she’s still at my wife’s youngest son’s house, and my wife will bring her back this evening when she returns from work.

I’m very tired, and do exceedingly little today (on instruction from my wife – she knows how late nights affect my energy levels!), mostly reading the news online on The Metro website, responding to a couple of emails and a rash of comments on my YouTube channel.  I manage to find the energy (and motivation) to tidy up a little and vacuum downstairs before my wife arrives home (with the dog, who seems quite pleased to see me).

I also carry out a couple of tasks on behalf of my elderly neighbour, who is currently very ill in a care home in Cromer, and is not expected to survive for more than a few more days.  So, I research the conditions for his stated wish to donate his body for research, and contact the solicitors who hold his Will in order that they are prepared to act as his executors.

I am quite shaky today, but I was expecting to be so, following our long day (and extremely late night) yesterday.  Voice is (still) weak and husky, muscles aching, dyskinesia rearing its ugly head from time to time…  I self-medicate (cannabis) late in the afternoon, and that relaxes me somewhat.

When my wife gets home, we visit my neighbour in the care home but, to be honest, I think he was unaware of our presence.  He reacted to the sounds of our voices and my wife holding his hand, but he was being medicated with morphine, so did not actually regain consciousness while we were there.  Very sad to see him like that.

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