2017-07-07 – A little bit more “with it”.

I’m feeling a little bit more “with it” this morning – less shaky and less fatigued.

My elderly next door neighbour passed away last night, so today I am helping to remove his belongings from his room at the care home in Cromer.  We bag up all of his clothes and drop them into a charity shop in the town, and then pop into see his solicitor to ensure that she knows what has happened.

It’s after 12.30pm by the time I get back home, and my schedule for the day is completely down the tubes.  I get cracking on writing the script for my weekly vlog – luckily it is a subject that I know well (living with an invisible illness) so I don’t have to spend precious time researching it.  I finish my scribblings, load it into the teleprompter app on my iPad and rehearse it a couple of times before filming myself. I thought I was going to have real problems today – my voice was very weak and was strangling my sentences when I was rehearsing the script, but I concentrate on my breathing and timing and manage to get it filmed with only a couple of re-takes. I load the footage onto my MacBook, do a quick editing job, then upload the finished video to my YouTube channel and publish it.

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