2016-05-14 – A pain in the neck!

Slept okay last night. I was in the land of nod before half past midnight, and didn’t wake until just before 6am.  Then I tossed and turned until almost 9am!  My neck is still feeling very stiff and sore, and seems to be slightly worse than it was yesterday.  Maybe because I didn’t take any painkillers yesterday or perhaps it is just that it is now more painful in comparison with my head.  It’s no longer quite so painful to lie on the left side of my head where the wires run under my scalp to the back of my head.  I think that the swelling has pretty much gone now, the pain is much less now when I run my hand (lightly) over that side of my head, and I get the surreal sensation of my scalp being numb.  Up until Wednesday night I had been taking a couple of co-codamol before bed so that I didn’t wake up as soon as I turned in my sleep and applied any pressure to the left side of my head.  I was also waking in a lot of discomfort (my wife says I was shouting out in my sleep) and taking more co-codamol first thing every morning.  I was uncomfortable when I woke this morning, but only about a 4 on a scale of 10, so I didn’t take painkillers.  It’s now just after 4pm and I’m thinking of taking some to alleviate the neck pain.  I’ll take the dog for a walk and take some when I get back, if it’s still giving me gyp!

My tremor was noticeable when I woke this morning, mainly in my left leg but also my right arm, so I cranked the voltage up by another 0.1v on each side (now 1.7v on the left and 2.2v on the right). I’m still shaking slightly this afternoon, but I’ll let it settle for a while before adjusting any more.

I still have a tendency to flail my right arm around somewhat when getting up from the sofa or climbing the stairs. I still think it is possibly mild surgery induced dyskinesia, although it could be due to a slight loss of sense of balance and maybe I’m using that arm to counteract that.  If so, its a subconscious thing because I’m not aware of the need to do so.  I don’t think that the neurostimulator has impacted this but I’ll keep an open mind…

Dog walk over and neck still bothering me, so co-codamol here we come!  Plink, plink, fizzzzzzzzzz!


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