3 thoughts on “2016-05-02 – A calmer day.”

  1. What happened in the 12 days between this post and the next one? It’s not like you to not have anything to say for so long, and then not even to comment on it when you do start blogging again. Was your recovery going badly; were you depressed?

    I am particularly interested in the period for which you are silent. I am a professor in the US, teaching half time in my last year transitioning to retirement. I’m also a candidate for DBS, which may be scheduled for late December 2016 or early January 2017. Spring semester classes begin on Tuesday, January 17. Will I be in good enough shape to teach? My neurosurgeon suggests I may need two or three weeks to recover. I’ve read up on the operation and recovery but you give much more information than I’ve seen elsewhere, down to the history of the scars on your skull (which is something I had wondered about, so thank you!).

    Clearly you had no lack of energy in the 10 days immediately following your operation. You went to restaurants, theater, and clubs. Then there is the silence. Did you crash?

    Of course I realize each case is different. I’m older than you and have more things wrong with me. Still your experience will be instructive.

    Anyway I discovered your videos and then your blog just yesterday. They are really informative and interesting. Keep up the good work. Among the many little tidbits that only you seem to have, I was delighted to learn that DBS sometimes cures constipation. That would make my life a lot nicer.

    1. Hi Steve

      I actually started blogging on the 14th/15th May, and added the earlier posts subsequently. I intend to fill in the 12 day gap (from some rough notes that I made at the time), but just haven’t got around to it yet – I do apologise; it is a glaring omission! Nothing significant happened during that period, I didn’t have low mood or anything like that. I was principally fiddling with the settings of my device, and trying to eliminate tremor. What I hadn’t appreciated at that point was that I was causing and worsening the dyskinesia, which was appearing as a result of overstimulation. I was still taking a fair amount of co-codamol to help me with discomfort at bedtime and in the morning on waking.
      My recovery was rapid, as you have noted. What I will say is that for the first couple of months I got tired easily (and very suddenly), and would be fighting off sleep in the afternoons. I think your neurosurgeon’s suggestion is right, and if I were you I would take it easy, even though you may feel that you are strong enough.
      I’m pleased to hear that you are finding my videos and blog useful – it makes it all worthwhile!
      If you have any more queries, feel free to email me at email@dbsacompletenobrainer.co.uk



      1. Ian, thanks for the prompt reply, and for your email address. I thought of trying to send my question to you privately, but then I thought other blog readers would be interested in knowing why there was this long gap in your blog. Glad to hear the gap is temporary and is not a sign of mood change.

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