2016-05-15 – Another year older

Today is my 55th birthday.  My wife has been working like a demon, preparing food for a party in the back garden for 20 guests, cleaning and tidying the house, preventing me from getting off my backside and helping (because she wants me to rest).

I still have some tremor today, so decide to turn the voltage up another notch on both sides of my body, so now have 1.8v on the left and 2.3v on the right.  I feel a minuscule surge and my tremor seems to be reduced.  I’m very conscious of any changes in my behaviour, so check with my wife that I’m okay.  So far, so good.

Our guests start to arrive from 3pm onwards.  Everything is alright, initially, but then I notice that I’m being a bit loud and saying things I wouldn’t normally say.  Nothing bad, but definitely out of character.  I turn my neurostimulator back down, and almost instantly I’m okay again.

A little self-medication (alcohol) keeps the tremor under control and I can enjoy myself and almost forget about it.

Everyone has gone by 9.30pm, and my wife and I sit and have a drink together before going to bed.  I’m completely knackered, struggling to keep my eyes open, voice is getting quite slurred (not due to alcohol, I assure you).

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