2016-05-01 – Celebrating once more

I woke without a hangover, which is pretty remarkable in itself.  I am very uncomfortable, though.  My neck is still extremely stiff and sore from the surgery, and I’m aware of thrashing around and trying to get comfortable as I make the journey into consciousness.  Perhaps I have too many pillows?  I’ll try just the one tonight rather than the two that I usually have – see if that makes a difference…

My son, his girlfriend and I take the dog for a walk, and then head off to North Walsham with my wife to get some shopping – my wife’s sons have ensured that we have some basic supplies in the fridge when we got home, but we really don’t have much to make a meal with.  We get sausages, bacon, eggs, baked beans for breakfast tomorrow, and some chicken, salmon, vegetables for a couple of evening meals.  I’m quite tired by the time we get home, so spend a fair amount of time lounging around on the sofa and doing very little else.

My wife wants to treat everyone (her two sons and their girlfriends, her ex-husband and his girlfriend, my son and his girlfriend and me) to dinner at The New Forge restaurant in nearby Aylsham tonight, so we book a table for 10, have baths, get changed and head off to Aylsham to eat.  Much food is eaten.  Much beer is consumed.  I’m still fairly “fired up” and find it hard to sit still for very long, which worries my wife – she’s trying to make sure I don’t do anything stupid and hurt myself, but it’s difficult for her to keep track of me, especially when I’m arranging with the waitress to make sure that I pay the bill, not my wife!  We get home late, and I head straight for bed.

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