2016-06-26 – Another physiotherapy session.

I have another physiotherapy session on the motorised exercise bike this morning, so I head off to North Walsham cottage hospital (dragging my daughter along with me) as soon as I’ve had my morning cuppa and the dog has had her walk.  I easily maintain a cycling rate of over 80 rpm for over 45 minutes, in fact it seems too easy to me – perhaps I’ll get the physiotherapist to increase the effort required next week.

This afternoon we go over to Hevingham so that my daughter can see our youngest granddaughter, and then we go to the Norfolk Showground to help my wife set up her stall at the Royal Norfolk Show.  By the time we have finished at the Norfolk Showground, grabbed a burger at McDonald’s and returned home to Southrepps, it’s getting late.  By the time we’ve bathed, quaffed a swift beer and watched 20 minutes of telly (to wind down), it’s half past midnight.   We have an early start in the morning (it’s the first day of the Royal Norfolk Show) so we get ourselves to bed – we are going to be shattered tomorrow…

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