2019-06-07 – Still fairly crippled.

I’m still fairly crippled this morning, although my back pain is only about half of what it was yesterday. My wife takes the dog to work with her, which relieves me of my dog walking duties for the day, so I won’t have to hobble around the field by the village hall.  I didn’t sleep very well last night (due to back pain), and fatigue shows in my speech, which is a little indistinct and slurred this afternoon, and deteriorates as the day progresses. 

Our neighbour suggests a takeaway curry round at their house this evening so, having completed my weekly vlog ahead of schedule (for a change), we drive to Al-Haqq’s Kitchen Indian takeaway in North Walsham, place our order and retire to the nearby Hop In (a tiny local bar, serving a variety of cask ales and craft beers) where we enjoy a pint whilst waiting for our food to be prepared.  

There follows an evening of good food, red wine and much conversation and laughter. 

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