2019-06-05 – A good day for washing my car.

It’s a good day for washing my car (it’s overcast but dry, and the rain of yesterday will have softened the bird crap with which it is liberally covered) but I’m still not very motivated, and I’m still feeling fatigued.  Instead, I sit on the sofa in the lounge catch up with the news in The Metro online, and search eBay for another Samsung galaxy tablet (for my wife’s father). 

This afternoon, the sun comes out and I decide to combine walking the dog with a trip to the allotment to harvest some spinach and check on the courgette (zucchini) and pumpkin plants.  It’s hard to believe how overgrown it has got in just a few days, and I decide to run the mower over the grass paths.  Unfortunately, I manage to lose one of the bolts that secures the handle to the mower, so I only get about half of the job done.  I’ll have to find a replacement bolt at home, and return tomorrow to fix the handle and finish the mowing.

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