2018-07-30 – More heavy rain.

We have some more heavy rain showers today, but it is still extremely warm and humid.  I’m feeling the effects of a couple of relatively busy days, and a late night last night, so I’m not up to doing very much and spend much of the day just sitting on the sofa in our lounge.  The dog (of course) ensures that I do get out of the house and have some sort of exercise.  I combine our afternoon stroll around the field by the village hall with a visit to the allotment – the vegetables are looking remarkably good considering the long dry spell we have had, and there are French beans, runner beans and courgettes (zucchini) that will be ready to harvest in the next few days.  I pick the remainder of the broad beans (fava beans), harvest some spinach and a few sticks of rhubarb and head back home for another sit-down.

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