2018-07-29 – Wet in Southrepps.

It’s wet in Southrepps this morning, and a little cooler than it has been of late, which is good news for the veggies on our allotment, which have been dying of thirst (because I have lacked the energy to carry water up there – there isn’t a water tap at the allotment, and our water butts were emptied weeks ago).

I receive a message from the friend we delivered the medicated chocolate brownies to yesterday – she’s eaten a piece of brownie and she’s no longer in pain, which is absolutely fantastic.  Her husband says that he can’t believe the effect it’s had, and that it’s been a long time since he’s seen her so happy and relaxed.  Our government told us that cannabis has no medicinal value and is a dangerous drug – the only danger it poses is to the profits of pharmaceutical companies…

My wife’s father had his 75th birthday yesterday, and so my wife and I meet up with her parents in The Vernon Arms this evening to give him his present and buy him a beer or two (or three, or four…).

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