2018-07-14 – Going to the boat.

We decide that we are going to the boat today to give it a bit of a clean.  My wife is hoping to take a few days off work next week (if the weather stays nice) and so it would be nice to spend some time on the river, just chilling – if the boat is nice and clean, then it means we can concentrate on the chilling without feeling that we should be cleaning.  That’s the theory, in any case.  We take the freshly charged fridge battery with us (so that I can reinstall it), a pair of shears (so that I can cut down the nettles on the riverbank) and we set off to Wayford Bridge, where our boat is moored.

My wife does the hard work of washing down the outside of the boat while I refit the fridge battery and remove the fridge from the boat (we were given the fridge by my wife’s father last year, but I can’t get it to work, so I’ve ordered a brand new 12 volt fridge which should be delivered next week).  I remove the seat covers (to be taken home with us and washed) and also bale out the engine compartment (which has a couple of gallons of murky river water sloshing around in it) and then chop down the nettles that line the riverbank.

That’s it!  I’m completely knackered, and it’s all I can do to walk back to the car.  Home, dinner (prepared by my wonderful wife), a couple of beers and some cannabis.  Perfick!

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