2018-07-13 – Friday the 13th.

It’s Friday the 13th (and I’m not superstitious).  I spend all morning and some of the afternoon researching sleep disturbance in Parkinson’s Disease, which is the chosen subject for my weekly vlog.  I learn quite a lot about this symptom, its causes and available treatments.  I don’t suffer too badly with disturbed sleep (unlike my mother, who used to be awake for half of the night, and could frequently be found in the kitchen at 3am, baking cakes) but I do find that I have difficulty in getting off to sleep, and I suffer with restless legs syndrome (RLS).  I treat both with cannabis, and find that this works well for me – I’d hate to suffer badly with disturbed sleep; I get very tetchy when I’m overtired.

As is usually the case, I learn something new about Parkinson’s when I am researching for my vlog, even when I think I know something about the subject before I start my research.  I have a hard time filming myself (again – it’s becoming a habit) so I am only just finishing the editing when my wife gets home from work.  I upload the video to my YouTube channel, publish it and post links to it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while my wife is busy making our evening meal.

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