2018-06-14 – I’m champing at the bit.

I’m champing at the bit to know if my neighbours have spoken to their son-in-law (a doctor) to see if he can shed any light on my doctor’s change of heart over prescribing me exenatide.  So, after taking the dog for her morning walk, I prepare an invoice for them (for a blind that my wife ordered for them) and, using this as an excuse, drop in on them .   It turns out that they haven’t yet spoken to their son-in-law, wanting to choose their moment.  They sense my impatience (although I try hard to conceal it) and promise to speak to him before the weekend.

I check on the allotment (it’s been very windy overnight, and I was concerned that the runner beans could have blown over) – the runner beans have survived and everything is looking okay, so I harvest some rhubarb (to give to my neighbour – bribery and corruption!) and deliver it to them on my way back home.

I receive an email (with train tickets attached) inviting me to attend “an event” in Parliament next week – Doctor Frank (who has previously published an article about me, and interviewed me for his social media channels) has organised a presentation to MPs about the benefits of medicinal cannabis, and would like to present me as a case in point (amongst others who have been prominent in the campaign for the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal purposes). Could be interesting!

I practice guitar for as little while, get the washing in from the washing line, water the seedlings that are waiting to be planted out on the allotment, and then run the vacuum cleaner around downstairs before my wife gets home from work.

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