2018-06-13 – No word…

There’s no word from my neighbour today – I was hoping that he would have spoken to his son-in-law (who is a doctor) to see if he could fathom out why my doctor has had a change of heart over prescribing exenatideoff label” for me.  I’m dying to ask him about it (I’m not the most patient of people) but I don’t want to pester my neighbour…

I pay yet another visit to the allotment this afternoon (combining it with walking the dog), harvest some rhubarb and take the tops out of the broad bean (fava bean) plants which (I have read) are delicious to eat.

On returning home i hang out the washing (that my wife put in the washing machine this morning) wash the broad bean tops and put them in the steamer ready for cooking this evening, and then practice some guitar, using a YouTube video to teach me the chords and strumming patterns for Wreckless Eric’sWhole Wide World“, which gives me confidence that I will be able to learn to play it properly by the time my wife’s birthday comes around (as challenged!).

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