2018-06-08 – My eating problems.

I thought that my eating problems (whereby I keep biting the inside of my mouth when chewing) were over, following my discovery (10 days ago) that I had used the incorrect settings on my neurostimulator.   Certainly there is little doubt that my problem has been exacerbated (if not caused) by my DBS, and the new settings that I am currently using are a vast improvement, but I’m still biting the inside of my mouth.

I am grateful for small mercies, though, and I’m no longer biting myself with quite so much vigour so, although it is still painful, I am no longer drawing blood each time I do so.  I think I’ll try turning the voltage down by a couple of clicks on the left side – so my device settings are now 2.80 volts on the left, and 2.45 volts on the right.  I’ll monitor my left leg tremor and my chewing issues!

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