2018-05-29 – Essential routine tasks.

I’m thoroughly worn out at the moment, and I ache – not sure if it’s because I’ve been working down at the allotment, or just symptoms of my Parkinson’s Disease.  Whatever, its extremely debilitating.  I have planned to do as few things today – none of which are physically demanding, but I just can’t get myself to get on and do them!  The essential routine tasks (dog walks – two of) are completed, but I manage to do very little else.

I am still biting the inside of my mouth, and the incidence is becoming more frequent, so I decide to adjust the voltage on my neurostimulator.  It’s only when I go to make the voltage change that I notice I am using group “B” settings (my old settings that caused my eating problems to intensify) instead of group “A” settings (the ones that my neurologist amended last Thursday) so it’s little wonder that I’ve been having problems!  I switch my service back over to group “A” settings, and will have to let these settings “soak in” for a couple of days before making any further adjustments – let’s hope for a reduction in my chewing issues.

I complete some paperwork relating to my mother’s estate (which I have had for several months now, and had only partially completed), so now I just have to get my youngest brother to sign it, have the signatures witnessed by a Justice of the Peace and get it posted off.

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