2018-01-18 – Interference from mother nature.

My car is booked in for a replacement thermostat at Autowerke this morning, so I’m up and dressed and out of the house by 7am, which would normally be plenty early enough for me to drive the 20 miles to the outskirts of Norwich by 8am.  I hadn’t reckoned on interference from mother nature, though.  We had high winds during the night (which I managed to sleep right through), and there were several big trees lying across the road, that had been brought down by the gales.  It took me almost an hour to drive as far as Aylsham – normally a 15 minute drive – and I didn’t get to the garage until nearly 8.30.

Thankfully the mechanic didn’t mind my lateness, and just got on with the job.

My return journey was a lot easier and quicker, because the emergency services had cleared the roads, and I’m back home in Southrepps with a mug of tea in my hands by the time PopMaster comes on the radio.

I fill the log basket from the stack of logs that I split yesterday, light the fire (because I’m feeling cold again) and then get on with researching and scripting my weekly vlog, which is about temporomandibular joint disorder in Parkinson’s Disease.

My wife and I are joining her sons and families for a fish and chips dinner this evening – it’s her eldest son’s 31st birthday today – so, my wife gets home from work early and we head over to Hevingham to join in with the celebrations.

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