2018-01-17 – Still suffering.

I’m still suffering from overdoing things on Monday, so the muscles in my legs and arms are extremely stiff, weak and painful.

I resolve to do some of the admin work that I have on my “To Do” list so that I can sit on the sofa and take it easy.

Before I get settled, I walk the dog and split a load of logs – enough to fill the log basket, plus enough to last us tomorrow (and possibly the day after!).  I definitely need to sit down and recover after that!

I do a little research for this week’s vlog, reply to a few messages that I’ve received on social media, and then call a physiotherapy centre in Hellesdon that specialises in neurological disorders to see what they have to offer.  I really struggle to make myself heard and understood, so I know that my voice is really rubbish again.  I’m told that one of the physiotherapists will call me back to discuss.  I’m still waiting.

I light the woodburner because I’m feeling chilly, although I know that the house really isn’t that cold – inactivity makes me feel colder than I actually am.  Tremor has returned to my left leg, but not in a big way.  Everything seems insignificant next to the muscular pain I have at the moment, though.  I take a little cannabis this evening to take my mind off it.

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