2018-01-14 – The car remains grubby!

I am up first this morning (for a change) so I make the tea/coffee and empty the dishwasher while my wife has an extra few minutes of well-deserved sleep.  I really should wash my car today – it’s looking extremely grubby – but I can’t seem to summon up the energy to do so.  The car remains grubby!

I walk the dog and then spend some time reviewing my son’s blog and correcting any grammatical errors, and responding to a couple of emails that have arrived overnight.  My wife decides to clear out the conservatory, while I split a load of logs and light the woodburner.

I’m aching from my exertions yesterday, and my voice is very weak and soft today, although my tremor is much more under control.  The only time that my voice has been anywhere close to acceptable (to my ears) this week was when I was filming myself for my weekly vlog on Friday, and I changed my device over to use group “A” settings.  Group “A” settings offer me a clearer voice, but inferior tremor control.  Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which is the lesser of two evils, but at least I do have a choice!

2 thoughts on “2018-01-14 – The car remains grubby!”

  1. IAN, that you get yourself taking care of the chores you do inspite of being physically and mentally worn leaves me thinking you are a superman in disguise. 🙂

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