2018-01-13 – Fence panels.

Today my wife and I are going over to Hevingham to help her youngest son replace some fence panels in the garden that got damaged in the recent high winds.  So, after I take the dog for her morning walk and drink a couple of mugs of tea, we head over there.

I help my wife’s son, his wife and his dad while my wife looks after our youngest granddaughter.  Its quite a straightforward job really, and we have finished it in a couple of hours.   A couple of hours of work is enough to knock me out these days, and I’m looking forward to getting back home, lighting the fire and having a bit of a sit down.

My wife takes the dog out when were get back to Southrepps, while I split a few logs, fill the log basket and light the fire.  That’s me finished for the day – literally and figuratively!

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