2018-01-05 – Some researching to do.

I jump out of bed early (for a change) and go downstairs to make the tea/coffee and give the dog her breakfast.  I haven’t decided on a subject for my weekly vlog as yet, so I have some researching to do.  I decide to make a video about the effects of exercise on Parkinson’s Disease progression, so I start reading articles and writing a script as soon as I return from the morning dog walk.

Filming is a bit of a trial because my voice keeps letting me down by strangling my sentences.  In the end I decide to change my neurostimulator over to Group ‘A’ settings to see if that makes a difference – it does, and I finish the filming with much less hassle, changing back to Group ‘B’ settings again once I have finished (better tremor control, but worse voice).

The Calor gas delivery arrives, and I stash the full cylinders in their enclosure in the back garden.

The dog and I take our afternoon walk (in the rain) and then I light the woodburner because I’m feeling chilly.

I have finished editing my vlog and have uploaded it to my YouTube channel and published it by the time my wife returns home from work.

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