2018-01-04 – A few things to sort out.

I have a few things to sort out today, but I’m suffering the dreaded lack of motivation at the moment, and I’m struggling to make myself do even the most basic of tasks.

The dog gets me out for a wet and muddy traipse around the field (which I definitely didn’t feel like doing) and then I get the Calor gas empties out from the gas store ready for the delivery tomorrow.  I renew my car insurance (I couldn’t find a better price than that offered by my existing insurers) and then notice that my phone and broadband bill has suddenly doubled in price – my discounted deal must have come to an end and they have put me onto their standard tariff without notifying me.  I’m so annoyed that I immediately send their customer service people a snotty email inviting them to call me to “discuss”, and start looking for an alternative service provider.

I contact the log supplier that I placed my order with yesterday, hoping to get a delivery before the weekend, but they can’t deliver anything to me before next Thursday (which is a bit of a bummer).  I expect I’ll be picking up some more little bags of logs from the garden centre tomorrow…

My wife arrives home from work and I cook the dinner (for a change).  Then it’s time for a beer, some cannabis and some telly (not necessarily in that order).

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