2016-05-26 – It’s a waiting game

Only awake briefly at 4.15am and then sleep until just before 6am.  I’m feeling good this morning and am dressed and downstairs before I’ve turned my device on.  Instant tremor control on the right, almost instant dyskinesia, too.  Dystonia comes trailing along behind a couple of hours later.

Our guests depart around lunchtime following a hearty breakfast and much viewing of Joe Bonamassa videos on YouTube.  Dyskinesia is getting almost violent at times.  I decide to self medicate with cannabis to see if it will it settle down at all.

It doesn’t, but it does relax me sufficiently that it is bothering me less.

Time to walk the dog, and I have the same feeling of being slightly unsteady that I had yesterday.  I think that my walking may be a little affected, but that’s a difficult one for me to determine.  Is my poor balance causing a problem with my walking, or is a walking problem causing me to lose balance?   I’ll have to get my wife to watch me and see what she thinks.

Dyskinesia remains the main feature this evening.  I think that my symptoms have stabilised after my last voltage increase, but I am going to wait until tomorrow evening before making any more changes.

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