2016-05-25 – Thrashing

Another good night. Only woke up the once, at 4.30am.  No thrashing around and moaning since turning my device off at bedtime.  I power myself up and get the tremor under control, at least on the right hand side.  By the time I am downstairs I notice the dyskinesia has returned and is stronger than yesterday.  Dystonia is also there, but definitely bearable.

Its raining this this morning, so my friends and I are off to Alby Crafts and Wroxham Barns to pass the day.  Apart from the dyskinesia I’m fine, but the almost constant twitching is driving me mad.  I won’t increase the voltage on my neurostimulator today.  If I let things settle for a couple of days then I can assess the situation properly and decide what I’m going to do next.  We go out and my dyskinesia is definitely getting worse.  By the time we get back home I’m having to be quite careful picking up my mug of tea in case a random twitch sends the contents all over the place.  I also notice that my balance is worse today.  I’m not falling or even stumbling, but I definitely feel more unsteady.

My friends treat my wife and I to dinner and beers in the Vernon Arms tonight.   The alcohol calms the tremor quite markedly, but the dyskinesia does not appear to decrease at all.

To bed…  Neurostimulator off.  Tremor on. Dyskinesia off.  I’m really wide awake again and don’t think I’m going to fall asleep, but 10 minutes later I have.

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