2019-05-16 – A Samsung Galaxy tablet.

My birthday present from my wife (a Samsung Galaxy tablet to replace my ancient iPad) arrives this morning, so today is largely spent downloading apps, configuring it to receive email from my accounts and generally setting it up so that it feels familiar.  Having said that, I’m still using my iPad to do certain stuff (such as writing this blog) until I’m completely happy and familiar with the new tablet. 

Late afternoon, I wander down to the allotment to plant out a pumpkin seedling that is showing signs of being pot-bound, and forget to harvest some spinach while I’m at it!  On my may back home, I join my neighbour for a post-birthday pint of Abbot Ale in The Vernon Arms

I’m feeling anxious (for no obvious reason) this evening, so self-medicate with some cannabis (which helps a great deal with the anxiety, and also helps me get off to sleep).

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