2019-04-10 – Generally taking it easy.

The effects of my cold are much worse first thing in the morning, so I sit on the sofa drinking tea and Nutriblast, reading the Metro online, listening to PopMaster and generally taking it easy until I feel up to taking the dog for her morning stroll. 

By the time the afternoon rolls around I’m feeling like I could do something more than sit on my backside, so I dig out some plant pots and a bag of compost and sow a load of vegetable seeds.  Then I wander down to our allotment and finish off digging over the vegetable bed that I started on Monday.   I spend less than half an hour working, but I’m completely knackered when I get back home.   Predictably, the dog wants me to take her for another walk (which I’m not feeling up to, but she must not be denied) so I take her over to the field by the village hall and let her run around while I sit down and watch. 

I chuck a ready meal into the oven for our dinner, and get the washing off the line while it’s cooking (the ready meals, that is – not the washing!).

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