2018-07-21 – Fancy dress.

We are going to a fancy dress party this evening – my wife’s eldest son’s partner is having a Hawaiian themed 30th birthday party.  We look after our eldest granddaughter for the morning (while her parents are busy organising the house for the party) and take her to the beach at Overstrand for a paddle in the sea and an ice cream, which meets with her approval!

We get togged out in colourful shorts and shirt (me), grass skirt (my wife) and leis (both of us), and head off to Norwich to join in the fun (although parties, especially fancy dress parties, aren’t really my thing).   We do, however, have a good time because there are loads of people there that we know (and haven’t seen for ages) and our grandchildren (of course) are providing much entertainment.  We return home at a reasonable hour and leave the youngsters to it!

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