2018-07-19 – Working on our boat.

My wife has the day off work, and we decide to spend it working on our boat, so that it’s ready for use when we eventually get around to spending a few days aboard.  We load my wife’s car with the new boat fridge (which was, conveniently, delivered this morning) and head off to Wayford Bridge where our boat is moored.

I install and connect the new fridge whilst my wife is busy cleaning the shower room and the galley.  I book the boat in for it’s four-yearly Boat Safety check with the neighbouring boatyard, and get some invaluable advice on dealing with a leak from the engine’s water pump (it has been dripping steadily for the last year or two, but the drip has now become a steady stream).  I do as instructed (tighten the gland nut) and the leak is no more, so that’s saved us a pretty penny.  My wife puts the freshly laundered cushion covers back on the seat cushions and I run the vacuum around the cockpit – it’s looking good inside – we just need to spend some time cleaning and painting the outside now!

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