2018-07-07 – Not feeling like doing very much.

I’m whacked, and I wake up with a sore throat this morning, so it looks like I’m coming down with a cold – terrific!  I’m not feeling like doing very much, in any case.  I post links to my latest vlog on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and then my wife and I drive to Longwater to buy some clothes in the Next sale (for my wife) and to buy some gifts for my wife’s niece (who is soon to have her 16th birthday) and also for our grandchildren (for no real reason – just because!).  Actually, it’s my wife that does the shopping – I’m feeling worn out from my London trip yesterday, and I’m also feeling lousy with whatever bug it is that I’m coming down with, so I stay sitting in the car for most of the time.

We call in on my wife’s sons on the way back home, just in time to catch the last half of England’s World Cup quarter final match against Sweden – I have no interest in football whatsoever, but I have to say that I did enjoy seeing England win their match 2 – 0!

Home again, I slump on the sofa (feeling sorry for myself) while my wife prepares dinner for us.  I’m planning on a couple of beers, some cherry schnapps (for my sore throat), some cannabis (to help me sleep) and an early night.

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