2018-06-10 – No right to feel tired.

We have no right to feel tired today – we were in bed before midnight last night, and we didn’t get up this morning until almost 11am.   I have a very relaxed morning (what’s left of it) lounging around on the sofa drinking my tea and nutriblast (prepared by my wife) whilst my wife is busy doing some laundry, sorting out summer clothing and putting our winter clothing away until it’s needed again.

We take a drive into North Walsham this afternoon, to get some beer and groceries from Lidl, and for my wife to do some clothes shopping in Roy’s (amazingly, she finds some jeans that she likes and that actually fit her).

We return to Southrepps, and decide to do some more work down at the allotment (the sun is shining), so we wander down there with wheelbarrow, watering can, trays of seedlings and the dog.  We spend a pleasant couple of hours hoeing, weeding, planting and watering, while the dog lies in the shade cast by the wheelbarrow.

One thought on “2018-06-10 – No right to feel tired.”

  1. Hi it is so I encouraging to read your words. I am being put forward for DBS in the autumn and I’m going through the testing. I am a widow and my children are very supportive. I am still on my own however and so welcome what you are saying many thanks

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