2018-06-06 – A little more guitar practice.

I sleep well, but I’m still not really feeling very rested.   I don’t feel very motivated, either, but the dog pesters me to take her for her morning walk, so I take her.  When were return home, I read The Metro online, and then decide to have a little more guitar practice – progress is slow and my fingers are stiff on the frets, but I think that I have improved since last week, which is encouraging.  I’m still a hell of a long way from being able to play “Whole Wide World“, mind you!

Tiredness is overwhelming this afternoon, and I pay a visit to my neighbour (after taking the dog for her afternoon walk) for a cup of tea and a chat to take my mind off falling asleep (which works).

I run the vacuum around downstairs and stick some Cajun chicken in the oven (for our dinner) before my wife gets home.  After dinner we take a wander down to the allotment to check on the plants, do a spot of weeding and administer some water (or would have, had we remembered the watering can) – everything looking good and healthy down there!

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