2018-06-04 – A waste of space.

Another appointment with the Parkinson’s nurse this morning, so I’m up early, tea drunk and dog walked by 8.30am.  I drive to the cottage hospital in North Walsham and spend 20 minutes telling the Parkinson’s nurse what a waste of space Parkinson’s UK are (she agrees with me 100%).  I come away with some contact details for some local Parkinson’s groups that she thought I might like to get involved with – I’ll call their coordinators and have a chat, but if they’re anything like our biggest charity (Parkinson’s UK) then I won’t waste my time on them.  I feel that I could (and, perhaps, should) get involved with some fund raising for local people with Parkinson’s, but if our biggest charity are not prepared to get involved with us, then I’m damned if I’m going to raise money to put in their coffers.

I return to Southrepps and take a wander down to the allotment to see how the seedlings that were planted yesterday are coming along.  It rained last night, and today there is fine drizzle in the air, so the seedlings are looking pretty good – my wife will be pleased.   I drop in on some neighbours on the way back home – I promised to help the wife of the couple learn to use her iPhone, so I drink tea and scoff cake while teaching her how to send text messages and emails.  Time for the dog’s afternoon walk, and then I vacuum downstairs before my wife gets home from work.

I feel I have done something useful today (although to you it probably seems like very little) and my mood is a major improvement on last week.

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