2018-06-01 – Learning the guitar.

I have the usual Friday things to do.  I have my everyday routine of tea, nutriblast, PopMaster and dog walking, plus researching, scripting, filming and editing my weekly vlog.  I have been given a challenge by my wife, designed to motivate me to pick up the guitar again.  She has challenged me to learn to play Wreckless Eric’sWhole Wide World” and to perform it for her on her birthday in December this year.  I didn’t get very far with learning the guitar when I first started (over 10 years ago), because my tremor had started to make life difficult for me.  As tremor increased, so my guitar playing decreased until I gave it up altogether about 8 years ago, and my guitar has been gathering dust since then.  I decide that it’s been such a long time that I may as well get right back to basics and re-learn all of the scales and chords, so I pick up my guitar and get learning while my video is copying from my camera to my laptop ready to be edited, and again while my finished video is uploading to my YouTube channel.  It’s a start!

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