2018-01-26 – Extremely tired.

I’m still extremely tired after our disastrous day yesterday, but I haven’t got plans to do very much today in any case.  My main task of the day is to complete the travel insurance claim form so that were get some money back for having to abandon our holiday.  There are a few questions on the claim form that I don’t know how to answer, so I call the company that is dealing with the claim and ask their advice.  I also have to chase up Green Flag to provide me with evidence that they had attended our breakdown, but soon I have a wad of printed documentation ready to send off with the completed claim form, so I bundle it all up, stick it in an envelope and post it off.

More printing of documents takes place this afternoon, as I make sure that we we have all of the necessary paperwork ready for our (re-booked) holiday next week.

I split a few logs for the fire, and intended to split enough to last until we go away, but I underestimated my fatigue and couldn’t even manage to split enough for the weekend.  Left sided tremor is prevalent today, affecting both my arm and leg, and my eyes are so tired that I am fighting a constant battle to keep them open.  I do believe another early night is on the cards!

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