2017-07-02 – Another late night.

Another late night (half past midnight), another good night’s sleep, another day when I’m feeling fatigued. To be fair, I’m not feeling as exhausted as I was yesterday, but I’m not feeling great, either.

My wife continues tiling the bathroom, and I do a little bit of housework so that I don’t feel completely useless.  I dust and vacuum our bedroom, and vacuum the stairs and the lounge – a simple enough task that leaves me panting for breath and drenched in sweat.

I sit on the sofa in the lounge, checking and replying to emails and messages on social media while I recover from my exertions.

My muscles aren’t quite so painful as they were yesterday, for which I’m extremely grateful. Tremor is still significant in my left leg, but my feeling is that it is less significant today.  My walking is still fairly pants, but at least I can walk!

My wife finishes work on the bathroom for the day, and we go out to the local garden centre in Overstrand to get a sack of food for the dog.  When were get back to Southrepps we take the dog for her afternoon walk and then pay a visit to the allotment to pull up a few weeds and harvest some spinach, carrot (singular) and a couple of beetroot.  Cue aching muscles, shortness of breath and profuse perspiration!

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