2016-05-31 – A quiet day

Had another reasonable night up until 5am, when I awoke in much discomfort with my back.  Tossed and turned and dozed until I crawled out of my pit and switched my neurostimulator on just after 8.30am.  Co-codamol required!

Painkillers kick in fairly quickly, and my bad back doesn’t bother me for the rest of the day.

My left hand side is almost tremor free, my right side is very variable – one minute there’s nothing, the next moment my right arm is shaking like hell.  My dyskinesia is, similarly, noticeable one moment and absent the next.  Dystonia was pretty bad this morning, but calmed down very quickly once my device was turned on.  I feel that my left hand side is well controlled at the moment, and no apparent side effects – I will continue increasing the current on that side to see if this provokes any side effects; useful data for my next programming appointment in London.  Not sure where I am going next with regards to my right hand side, but no doubt I will come up with some ideas over the next few days.

It was persistently raining for most of this morning (and there had also been a thunderstorm in the early hours, which I managed to sleep through), so I am being really lazy today.  I only venture out to take the dog for a couple of walks and to go to the post office around the corner.  I’m also feeling quite tired, so that gives me a good excuse for being lazy.  Tremor and dyskinesia rule the roost this evening, so that gives me a good excuse for self-medication 🙂

I turn my neurostimulator up another 0.1v to 1.6v on the left side.  I am now 0.1v above the setting that I left the NHNN with following reprogramming on 12th May.  I try a little more self-medication with cannabis just before bed to see if that helps with getting off to sleep.  It doesszzzzzzzzzzzzz!


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