2016-05-28 – Changing sides

From one extreme to another… After Thursday night I was expecting another one of the same, but I slept right through until almost 6am.

I turn my neurostimulator on to calm my tremor, which it does, but it also brings on my dyskinesia within a couple of minutes, even though I have the voltage turned down on the right hand side.  Dystonia is also there in my right foot, but bearable.  The tremor in my left leg is still quite strong, so I expect to be turning up the power another click on the left hand side later on today.  My impulsive behaviour did not re-emerge when I turned up the right hand side, but then I did not achieve the same voltage as previously because of the dyskinesia.  It will be interesting to see if increasing the left side provokes it.

My wife and I are heading off to our boat on the Norfolk Broads for a couple of days, which is a great place to just chill out.  I’m still not allowed to drive a car, and this bloody dyskinesia means that I’m really not fit to do so either.  It’s unlikely, therefore, that we will go out on the boat, other than mooching over to the water point to replenish our tank.  No worries – just being on the boat in the marina is relaxing.

Had a very relaxing afternoon and evening on the boat. Dyskinesia seemed to abate a little this afternoon. Increased the voltage on my left side by 0.1v (now 1.3v on the left and 1.6v on the right) just before going to bed, and then switched it off for the night.

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