2016-05-22 – Trying to work it out..

I only woke once during the night; at 4.30am when my wife told me I had been thrashing around a little.  Decided to leave my device switched on, and see how it went.  Slept again until around 6am and was aware of being on the verge of thrashing around.  My tremor was quite pronounced throughout my body, the dystonia in my right foot was becoming more pronounced and I didn’t feel as comfortable and rested as the two nights when I had switched my device off overnight.  So, we feel that the neurostimulator is causing the thrashing around at night – like some kind of full body dyskinesia.  Will turn it off every night at bedtime, and see if this pattern prevails.

Sitting here writing this blog, I find my tremor and dystonia are verging on the unmanageable, but I don’t want to change any settings until 24 hours has passed since the last changes.  The dyskinesia in my right arm is still there, but very much reduced compared to yesterday.  I notice that my voice is a little muffled sounding, and my wife notices and says my voice is quiet today.  I decide to self medicate with cannabis, and this kicks the dystonia into touch, and helps a little with the tremor.

We are given a couple of fresh boiled crabs, and I attempt to dress them.  My tremor is too severe to allow me to do the fiddly bits, so I’m afraid my wife will have to step in.

I have turned the right electrode up by 0.1v and left the left side alone, so now I have 1.1v on the left and 1.7v on the right.  There seems to be an immediate improvement in the tremor in my right arm.  Will let it settle for another 24 hours before doing anything else.

It’s beer-o-clock….

I turn the neurostimulator off at bedtime, and hope for a good night’s sleep.

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