2016-05-20 – Shaking but not stirred

Another good night’s sleep. I’m awake just after 3am, and around 4.30am, and just before 6am, but feel rested, not in any major discomfort and not thrashing about and moaning, so that is definitely progress.  I lay in bed until just after 9am, dozing from time to time and trying not to disturb my wife who, I know, has not had such a good night.

Downstairs, feed the dog, make a brew, sit down and check email.

I have a moderate tremor going on all over my body, but still haven’t switched my device back on.  I have a message to respond to, and try to do so, but after a few minutes of retyping every word 5 times I admit defeat and switch my neurostimulator on.  Don’t ask me why I regard it as defeat, because I’m not really sure.  I suppose I like to think that I can do without any assistance.  I’m stubborn like that.

A rush of electricity, the amazing relief, and my message completed and sent within a couple of minutes.

My tremor is moderated but still significant in both arms and legs.  I may try increasing the voltage later on, but for the moment I’ll try a little cannabis.

My wife and I are babysitting our 8 month old granddaughter this afternoon.  I notice some side effects re-emerging, catching myself on the verge of being over loud.  I turn my left side down as far as it will go – 1.6v.  Feel more relaxed now.  Dyskinesia in my right arm is on the increase, so I turn my right side right down as well – 2.1v.

Back home now and the settings have been changed for 2 and 3 hours respectively.  Dyskinesia still on the increase, threatening to make me knock over my beer when I go to pick up my glass – that just won’t do! 🙂  I decide to turn the neurostimulator off for the night.

Tremor returns over the next hour or two.  I’ll have to have a careful think  about which settings to use tomorrow.

Another day with no painkillers!

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