2017-12-13 – It’s still pretty chilly out there!

Southrepps has avoided the blanket of snow that seems to have brought most of the UK to a grinding halt.  The temperature this morning has risen sufficiently for the ice on the road outside our cottage to have thawed, although it’s still pretty chilly out there!

I take the dog for her morning walk, and then respond to a couple of messages that I have received on YouTube, one of which requires a detailed response that takes me quite a while to formulate.

I’m feeling the cold again, so warm myself up by splitting a few logs, filling the log basket and lighting the fire.

I review (and add to) my “to do” list, which is getting longer and longer – I’m starting to feel a little panicky because I have a lot of things to do before Christmas is upon us, and it’s already the 13th of December!

My wife’s younger brother takes us out to dinner at The Vernon Arms this evening, which is really kind of him.  We have food, a beer or three and a good chin-wag.

2017-12-12 – A sheet of ice.

It was a cold night last night, and the road outside our house is a sheet of ice that remains frozen the whole day – I narrowly avoid falling flat on my backside this morning, when I slip whilst taking the dog for her walk.  I’m certainly a lot more cautious when I take her out for another walk this afternoon.

I make some progress with my neighbour’s safari holiday video, but it’s pretty slow going – I’m working on day 9 at the moment, and there’s still another 5 days to go!

It’s not exactly chilly in our little cottage, but walking the dog has chilled me to the bone, even though I was fully togged up for the weather – thick coat, woolly hat and a pair of gloves.  I make it a priority to split a few logs, fill the log basket and light the woodburner before lunchtime.

My tremor is a little calmer than it was yesterday, which is nice.  The only problematic symptom today is my voice, but since I only need to use it a couple of times (when I receive phone calls from my wife and my younger brother) then it really isn’t that much of a problem.  I count myself lucky!

2017-12-11 – Cold enough to snow.

It’s cold and grey outside this morning, but at least it isn’t raining.   It actually feels cold enough to snow, and the leaden sky appears to be full of snow clouds.  We do have a light shower of hailstones this afternoon, just as the dog and I are venturing out for our afternoon exercise, but it only lasts for a few minutes.

I stay indoors as much as possible, only venturing out to bring some logs in from the back garden so that I can light the fire.

I deal with a minor backlog of emails and social media messages, and start work on some of the paperwork associated with my mum’s recent demise (which I have been putting off).

I have a couple of videos that I need to work on this week (my neighbour’s safari holiday video, and my wife’s youngest son’s wedding video), so I start preparing to work on those – I feel I should finish the neighbour’s safari video first (he gave me a video camera in payment, and he has been waiting very quietly and patiently for some months now), but I really want to finish the wedding video because I know that the happy couple are eager to see it…

2017-12-10 – Forecast to snow.

It’s forecast to snow here today, and it certainly feels cold enough.  It doesn’t snow, but it does rain.  Heavily.  All day.  My wife ventures out with the dog in the morning, and I take her out in the afternoon (the dog, not my wife) when the rain is much lighter.  Apart from that, we stay in the house, although I do dash out to the log store in the back garden to get an armful of logs for the woodburner.

We spend the day sorting stuff out, cleaning the house and putting up Christmas decorations.  I’m not really that fond of Christmas (I hate all of the commercialism – my wife refers to me as a “bah humbug”), but I must admit to looking forward to seeing our grandchildren enjoy it, particularly our eldest granddaughter who is now getting to an age where she knows what’s going on.

My tremor is still breaking through (quite strongly) in my left leg, so I decide to increase the voltage on my neurostimulator to see if it can be contained.  I increase the left voltage by 0.1v (now 2.4 volts on the left, and 2.75 volts on the right).  It calms it a little, but doesn’t obliterate it, so I add a little cannabis to the mix (which helps).

2017-12-09 – Feeling so much better.

My immune system has managed to give the dreaded lurgy the heave-ho, and I’m feeling so much better today.

My wife disappears off to North Walsham to do some Christmas shopping, and I make a start on straightening out the lounge (which I have cluttered up with various paraphernalia over the last week).  I split a few logs, fill the log basket, prepare about a week’s worth of kindling and light the woodburner (it’s 2 degrees Celsius outside, and I’m feeling distinctly chilly!).

The rest of the afternoon is spent trying to configure an electronic gadget that I bought online a couple of months ago – gone are the days when I would have done something like this in a few minutes, and would have done so the moment I opened the package.  I used to think that the reason my father struggled with such things was that he was from a generation that was less familiar with electronic gadgetry – I’m beginning to think it’s more to do with advancing age and a lack of patience!  I give up the battle when my wife serves up our dinner – it can wait for another day.

2017-12-08 – Feeling marginally better.

I had considered giving my weekly vlog a miss this week, because I’m still feeling pretty lousy.  After having a couple of cups of tea and taking the dog for a walk, I manage to convince myself that I am feeling marginally better than I did yesterday, so I sit on the sofa with my iPad and start scripting the first subject that comes into my head which, appropriately, is DBS related.

While I go through the process of scripting, filming, editing and uploading my weekly vlog to my YouTube channel, I sustain myself with a couple of slices of dry white toast and another cup of tea, and feel a little more human. I must be getting better, because I couldn’t even face dry white toast yesterday.

It’s a chilly day in Southrepps, so I split a few logs, fill the log basket and light the woodburner.  It feels a lot cosier in the cottage when the fire is lit!

2017-12-07 – Liquids only.

Okay, I’ve had enough of feeling ill now.  I expected to be feeling just a little more human today, but I’m actually feeling even worse.  I had decided not to have anything to eat or drink (other than water) last night, but then my wife arrived home with some chicken soup and two bottles of Lucozade, so my resolve weakened.  This morning I’m paying the price, because I feel as if someone has given me a good kick in the stomach.  Liquids only today, I think.

It’s chucking it down with rain this morning – luckily the dog doesn’t want to go out in the wet, so we wait for a break in the weather before venturing out just after 11am.

I manage to tackle a few of the tasks on my list, the most important one being “buy birthday present for wife”, so that’s good!  My other achievements of the day?  Well, I get some logs in for the fire this evening, vacuum downstairs and light the woodburner.  Considering how I’m feeling, that’s not a bad list…

2017-12-03 – A very lazy Sunday.

We have had a very lazy Sunday (especially me).   This morning we didn’t exactly rush to get out of bed (9.30am) and then I just sat drinking tea while my wife took the dog for her morning walk.  I had a bit of a disturbed night, and woke up at a shade after 4am with a terribly sore throat. I eventually got back to sleep around 6am having had a gargle with mouthwash to numb the pain.

We had our Sunday lunch over at The Vernon Arms for a change, and I’m glad to say that I was feeling much better by the time we crossed the road to the pub.  My wife’s youngest son and his wife (and our youngest granddaughter) joined us for a dessert, which was a nice surprise.

By the time we return home it’s gone 4pm, so I take the dog for a stumble around in the dark, before carrying in a few logs from the back garden and lighting the fire.  I’m feeling weak and feeble and full of the dreaded lurgy, so it’s an early night for me!

2017-12-06 – Babysitting.

Today my wife and I are babysitting our eldest granddaughter, so we decide to take her to Stompers (a soft play area) in North Walsham, to use up some of her (seemingly) boundless energy.

I’m still suffering from the dreaded lurgy and am feeling extremely unwell, so it’s with a large serving of reluctance that I leave the house at all.  Once we are there, my wife entertains our granddaughter while I sit quietly, reading The Metro online.

I have a splitting headache, so we drop into Waitrose on the way back to Southrepps and pick up some more paracetamol.

Mid-afternoon, my wife returns our granddaughter to Hevingham while I light the fire, bring in some more logs, walk the dog, have a quick tidy around and then slump on the sofa (again).

My tremor seems to be aggravated by the lurgy, and is driving me mad at the moment.  I want to self-medicate with some cannabis but I’m feeling exceptionally nauseous today, so I really don’t want to risk doing anything that’s may aggravate that.  I haven’t been able to face food since breakfast time (when I forced down a couple of buttered crumpets) and I’ve only managed a glass of water since my morning cups of tea.  It’s probably wisest to refrain from eating and drinking this evening, and just hope I’m feeling better tomorrow.

2017-12-05 – Death warmed-up.

Today feels like a repeat of yesterday.  The dreaded lurgy is still in control, and I’m feeling like death warmed-up, so the prospects of my actually doing anything useful today are virtually nil.

My son calls me on FaceTime from Australia (where he is currently on his travels) wanting me to have a look at his blog, Wandering Yokel, which he is using to catalogue his travels over the next year or so.  We review his efforts and have a chin wag about his plans for the next few weeks.

I am feeling cold and miserable, so decide to cheer myself up by lighting the fire and toasting myself next to it.  I take the log basket outside to fill it, only to find that my neatly stacked pile of logs has toppled over, so I spend the next 45 minutes picking them up and re-stacking them.  By the time I have done this, I’m so hot and bothered that I don’t need to light the fire.

I cool down by walking the dog, and light the woodburner when we return.

Our eldest granddaughter is coming to stay the night tonight, so I vacuum downstairs, mop the kitchen/dining room floor, and construct our large child-proof fireguard before my wife arrives home with her.

2017-12-04 – The dreaded lurgy.

I’m feeling pretty rough this morning – the dreaded lurgy has tightened its grip, so I spend much of the day slumped on the sofa, armed with a packet of Strepsils, some paracetamol and a big box of tissues.

I have a list of things to do this week, and I had every intention of starting to work through the list today, but as the day progresses it becomes more and more obvious that I’m not going to do so.

I walk the dog (twice) and then (spurred on by the fact that I’m feeling the cold) I split a load of kindling and a basket of logs.   I light the fire and vacuum downstairs, and return to the sofa feeling annoyed with myself (for not doing anything on my list) and pretty low (but a little warmer).

Left leg tremor has raised its ugly head again, presumably because I’m feeling under the weather.  The pain in my right arm is also playing me up, and my tinnitus is significantly louder than usual.  I self medicate with some cannabis oil to calm the tremor, moderate the pain in my arm and to help my mood, which seems to be getting darker by the minute.

2017-12-02 – A good lie-in.

I have a good lie-in this morning, and it’s almost 11am by the time I drag myself out of bed.

I’m suffering with a bad back today, and I have quite a large portion of sciatic pain in my left hip and right leg.  It was giving me some discomfort yesterday, but today it is causing me to move very slowly and carefully.  I think it’s probably a result of overdoing things when splitting logs and carrying them into the house – I’ll certainly be a little more careful when I do them today!

My wife and I go out to North Walsham to do a little bit of Christmas shopping and to see if we can find a small Christmas tree to go in our small cottage (we failed).  I end up feeling exhausted after an embarrassingly short period of time, so we head back home.

My wife takes the dog for her afternoon walk while I split few logs, fill the log basket (carefully) and light the fire.  A little cannabis relaxes me and takes the edge off my discomfort.

2011-12-01 – Researching sham treatments.

I have my weekly vlog to do today.  I had already selected a subject, but changed my mind at the last minute, so I haven’t given my new topic any thought at all, let alone done any research.  I spend the entire morning (and part of the afternoon) researching sham treatments for Parkinson’s.  I’m ready to film myself just after 1.30pm, which I accomplish without too many takes, and then take the dog for her afternoon walk while the video is transferring to my MacBook.

I have the video edited and uploading to my YouTube channel just after 4pm, and hastily split some logs and fill the log basket before it gets too dark to see what I’m doing.  A quick whizz around with the vacuum cleaner, and I’m done for the day.