2017-12-03 – A very lazy Sunday.

We have had a very lazy Sunday (especially me).   This morning we didn’t exactly rush to get out of bed (9.30am) and then I just sat drinking tea while my wife took the dog for her morning walk.  I had a bit of a disturbed night, and woke up at a shade after 4am with a terribly sore throat. I eventually got back to sleep around 6am having had a gargle with mouthwash to numb the pain.

We had our Sunday lunch over at The Vernon Arms for a change, and I’m glad to say that I was feeling much better by the time we crossed the road to the pub.  My wife’s youngest son and his wife (and our youngest granddaughter) joined us for a dessert, which was a nice surprise.

By the time we return home it’s gone 4pm, so I take the dog for a stumble around in the dark, before carrying in a few logs from the back garden and lighting the fire.  I’m feeling weak and feeble and full of the dreaded lurgy, so it’s an early night for me!

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