2017-12-06 – Babysitting.

Today my wife and I are babysitting our eldest granddaughter, so we decide to take her to Stompers (a soft play area) in North Walsham, to use up some of her (seemingly) boundless energy.

I’m still suffering from the dreaded lurgy and am feeling extremely unwell, so it’s with a large serving of reluctance that I leave the house at all.  Once we are there, my wife entertains our granddaughter while I sit quietly, reading The Metro online.

I have a splitting headache, so we drop into Waitrose on the way back to Southrepps and pick up some more paracetamol.

Mid-afternoon, my wife returns our granddaughter to Hevingham while I light the fire, bring in some more logs, walk the dog, have a quick tidy around and then slump on the sofa (again).

My tremor seems to be aggravated by the lurgy, and is driving me mad at the moment.  I want to self-medicate with some cannabis but I’m feeling exceptionally nauseous today, so I really don’t want to risk doing anything that’s may aggravate that.  I haven’t been able to face food since breakfast time (when I forced down a couple of buttered crumpets) and I’ve only managed a glass of water since my morning cups of tea.  It’s probably wisest to refrain from eating and drinking this evening, and just hope I’m feeling better tomorrow.

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