2017-12-04 – The dreaded lurgy.

I’m feeling pretty rough this morning – the dreaded lurgy has tightened its grip, so I spend much of the day slumped on the sofa, armed with a packet of Strepsils, some paracetamol and a big box of tissues.

I have a list of things to do this week, and I had every intention of starting to work through the list today, but as the day progresses it becomes more and more obvious that I’m not going to do so.

I walk the dog (twice) and then (spurred on by the fact that I’m feeling the cold) I split a load of kindling and a basket of logs.   I light the fire and vacuum downstairs, and return to the sofa feeling annoyed with myself (for not doing anything on my list) and pretty low (but a little warmer).

Left leg tremor has raised its ugly head again, presumably because I’m feeling under the weather.  The pain in my right arm is also playing me up, and my tinnitus is significantly louder than usual.  I self medicate with some cannabis oil to calm the tremor, moderate the pain in my arm and to help my mood, which seems to be getting darker by the minute.

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