2017-12-02 – A good lie-in.

I have a good lie-in this morning, and it’s almost 11am by the time I drag myself out of bed.

I’m suffering with a bad back today, and I have quite a large portion of sciatic pain in my left hip and right leg.  It was giving me some discomfort yesterday, but today it is causing me to move very slowly and carefully.  I think it’s probably a result of overdoing things when splitting logs and carrying them into the house – I’ll certainly be a little more careful when I do them today!

My wife and I go out to North Walsham to do a little bit of Christmas shopping and to see if we can find a small Christmas tree to go in our small cottage (we failed).  I end up feeling exhausted after an embarrassingly short period of time, so we head back home.

My wife takes the dog for her afternoon walk while I split few logs, fill the log basket (carefully) and light the fire.  A little cannabis relaxes me and takes the edge off my discomfort.

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